Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just passing through

We had a little visitor just passing through the backyard. He wasn't around to stay, but fun to look at regardless.

We have been sampling some of the season's freshest fruits. Strawberries are especially yummy!

Miles has just started banging things. I'm not sure he likes the noise....
Camden loves peek-a-boo. He play with anyone, anywhere!

Miles and Daddy were playing (that is Greg you hear in the background crumpling a paperbag, which for some reason is hilarious). Miles then spied the camera...

Told you they love the new bounce babies! Camden is trying to engage Miles in some conversation. It is definitely interesting when they are regarding each other- I wonder what secrets they are telling!This is a hand-me-down (Thanks Calistos!) but defintely on the way to becoming a favorite!

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