Friday, April 9, 2010

Peace, love, rock n roll

What a week!!!! Can I say that again- what a week!!
1. Monday we were giving the boys a bath and a pipe burst- almost flooding the downstairs. That took all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday (and quite a bit of moolah) to fix. Good news from that: we do think that the boys understand the sign (ASL) for "bath time" we had to give them a bath in our bathroom, because the plumbers were in theirs. They seemed to perk up (it had been a long day and I think they were really ready for it to end).
2. The little black ants are back (this is a re-occurrence over and over and over and over). Poor Greg is calling in reinforcements.
3. Miles learned to roll from back to front. You're thinking well that it great!! Nope, he has forgotten how to roll from front to back. So he is constantly rolling over and crying. Well, this wouldn't be a problem, except he does it at night too. Initially very un-nerving to see him sleep on his belly, but I guess we are getting used to it. He is all over the crib and he cries horribly. I think he is working on doing everything in life the hard way. Mom is learning that you really can't help them do everything, because as soon as you roll him back, he rolls back over and starts the entire crying process over. They are in separate rooms again. I know this too shall pass... I hope that this is our three things and we are done for a while!
Peace, Love and Rock n Roll. New favorite picture!

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