Monday, April 19, 2010

6 months!

I can't believe that 6 months have passed! Days can be long, but weeks and months go by much faster. Miles is now sucessfully rolling both ways, it is his favorite form of transportation. Life is getting harder because he is not where you left him. Camden is not far behind. He cried so hard today! He was so frustrated that he couldn't get turned over... I'm thinking by this weekend. Nighttimes have been much better. Camden is going closer to 8 hours before waking up to be fed, Miles sleeps through the night. I don't think much of anything can wake him up once he gets to sleep. Now that he is more comfortable on his tummy, he drifts right off. He has also found his thumb, that helps a bit too.
We are looking forward to school being out. Only 3 more weeks. We have many plans to have fun this summer around home. I start back to school in the fall to finish my NP certification, so weaning is definitely on the calendar.

Yummy plums!

Plums are definitely a favorite, I think because it is sweet and tart.

Sexy man! Sexy man!

Who could resist?

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