Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 12- to the park

I know that many of you have children out there. And for your entire parenting "career" you have tried not to compare your children. "Your brother walked earlier, your sister is smarter, you did this first, you were really late doing that." With twins, this is virtually impossible to avoid. I am working on it, but it is hard. Miles is a "gross motor skill" overachiever. He is rolling over regularly, he giggled (I mean really tummy-laughed) for the first time(last night), he holds his head up at 90 degrees. He likes to stand (ironically he does not like to sit up). He slept for 10 hours last night in his own crib (8-6), but he will NOT nap. Camden is my quiet contemplator. He is a thoughtful guy and will stare at you with those big blue eyes until you melt. And if he cries, he really breaks your heart. He doesn't have the head control that Miles does unless you "trick" him into working on it (usually 'super baby' or sitting him upright). If you put him on his stomach, he just lays his head down and waits for you to feel sorry for him and flip him over. He converses with you like you really understand what he is saying. He is an excellent napper. Put a 'paci' in his mouth and he is out for an hour or more. He doesn't sleep as well at night- only 8 hours at a time ;) (I know some of you are hating me). We really worked on getting them to sleep. Next week is it- back to work! Wish us all luck.
People still ask us if we get them confused. No. They are completely different people.
We went for a walk yesterday- it was 54. It really wore them out. I think they enjoyed it- See for yourself.

They LOVE stories.

He was really going. Then I went and got the camera. I guess he's camera shy. Hopefully he'll do it again soon.


  1. Your boys are precious!!I'm sure it will be very tough to leave them & go back to work! I know it was for me, even though it was just 3 days! How have you been able to get them to sleep so well at night? Faith typically sleeps from about 8:30 or 9pm until 7am, but we just sort of went by what she naturally does. She's always been a good napper/sleeper, so I just focused on helping her learn to fall asleep herself by putting her down while she was still awake but drowsy. I didn't want to get stuck nursing or rocking to sleep always. So far it's worked well. Good luck returning to work!

  2. We have spent a lot of time working on sleep. Like you, we watch for sleep cues and put them down. They can sleep for about 1 hour in the a.m. (this is alone in their cribs), but in the afternoon we nap all together. Afternoon nap is longer, but kind of falsely induced. We have an evening ritual- eat, bouncy/swing, bath,book, nurse, bed. They go back and forth but consistently sleep more than 7 hours. Miles just moved into his own room. Camden isn't quite ready.
    I will only be "at work" 2 days a week, but I bet I am really busy working from home whenever I can. I am still sad that I have to go back.