Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 month check up

We had our 2-month check-up today and everything is going wonderful. Both boys are growing by leaps and bounds. The Dr. is very proud of our exclusive breastfeeding schedule. I must admit that I am too. Each sleeps about 6-7 hours per night (especially with a little coaxing from Mom and Dad).
Miles weighs 12#4.5oz and is 23"
Camden weighs 11# 8oz and is 23.25"
Miles looks a little bigger than Camden, but Camden really uses that .25" to his advantage; he is long and lean.
Both boys are meeting their developmental milestones. They have been smiling and cooing and lifting their heads very well.
I go back to work at the end of the month, so we have been practicing what it will be like without me home all day. Fortunately Greg and I get to share daycare duties and the boys will get to stay home.
We hope that everyone is having a good New Year and I will get pictures up soon.

The cats like naptime as much as the babies (probably more so). They often join us for the morning, afternoon and evening naps!

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