Monday, December 28, 2009

First Christmas

Busy, Busy, Busy! I thought the holidays were hectic before I had kids.... Things have been going very well and the boys (and parents) had an awesome Christmas. Auntie Emily and Auntie Mary came over for Christmas brunch and pleasantly enough the boys slept through the whole thing. As a Christmas present to Mom and Dad, the Aunties spent the afternoon with the boys while Mom and Dad saw "Sherlock Holmes" and pigged out on popcorn and candy at the movies. Regardless to the fact that they won't remember a thing, the boys were completely spoiled- toys and clothes abound. Santa brought them an "exersaucer" that will be wonderful in a couple of more months.
We regularly go 6 hours (usually from 7-1) between meals- so we are slowly growing up. Mom and Dad try to keep us on a little schedule, because in less than a month, Mom will be back at work.

Camden cooing

Camden "exercising"

Miles "exercising"

I love my Daddy!
We are trying to get the boys to nap- but they prefer to play (especially Miles). BUT if we lay with them they will sleep 2+ hours- what a way to spend an afternoon! Miles is "paci-impaired." He cannot keep a pacifier in his mouth (although he loves it if you hold it for him), even though it soothes him greatly. As you can see Miles holds his head up nicely, and can roll over from front to back. Camden is increasing his vocabulary daily (n-gee, n-goo, and has a wider vocal range) and in general is the patient one of the two.
We hope you all had an excellent Christmas and hopefully Mom will have more time for posting in the future.

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