Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend off

Last weekend was my weekend "off." We really didn't have much planned, we were finally going to get a date night and just relax at home. As you know, plans can always change. Friday night Miles woke up vomiting and then started a fever. Nothing is more pathetic than your child that doesn't feel good. At first we thought it was the dreaded "norovirus," but while he vomited a couple more times on Saturday, things had calmed down by the evening. Miles slept cuddled up next to me all Saturday morning and we watched a lot of TV (we still are). Sunday he developed a horrendous cough, a deep cough and I thought "uh, oh. Is it flu?" We have all had our flu shots, so thinking at how fast the vomiting stopped, I thought I would wait to see if the cough moved through as fast.
Monday morning he was chipper, still running a fever and still had a deep cough, so I sent him with Daddy to the pediatrician (poor Camden went too, Mommy had to work). Miles ended up having RSV ( a respiratory virus more notorious infants), so he was sent home with some cough medicine and TLC. 

Then Monday night Miles woke up at about midnight complaining about his ears hurting. I thought that it might have been irritation from the mask, so tried to soothe him, but nothing seemed to work. He kept asking for "medicine for my ears." Fortunately, he did go back to sleep, but we spent the morning at Urgent Care (I love it there so much, I spend my day off there!) where he was found to have a double ear infection. So we are on antibiotics. He is still whiny, but overall improving. 
Now Camden has almost escaped this unscathed so far. He fell on Saturday smacking the middle of his fore head and creating an impressive bruise. Otherwise, we are in the sit and wait pattern for him. It has been 5 days, so I am hoping that handwashing may have done the trick again. 
I have to work this weekend, so lets hope that it is less eventful, at least on the home front.

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