Saturday, November 24, 2012

Last Saturday...

I just can't seem to keep ahead and I imagine that it won't get better with the holidays! Last Saturday we had the BGMoM's pancake breakfast. Miles and Camden sat down for about 30 seconds and ate half a pancake. Needless to say, snack that day was enormous! We are working on our table manners and getting ready to go to school. Of course, It will be a while before the boys go to school, but often when we tell them, "the teacher isn't going to let you have trucks at lunch" or "the teacher won't fix you another lunch if you don't like it." It seems to work... at least for now.

We also put up our Christmas tree last Saturday. So far, it is still standing :) We have some rules, and I can't say that they follow them to a T, but so far so good. The boys LOVE the Christmas tree. They were very into hanging the ornaments and looking at the lights.

Let the holidays begin!

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