Monday, July 2, 2012

Our first Cardinal's game

What else is there to do on a 102 degree day? Go to a Cardinal's baseball game of course. It was hot yes, but really not too bad. I must admit we didn't stay long, but the boys did not nap and with the heat, I'm afraid it wasn't agreat combination. But Dad was a trooper, walking us back to the hotel, then he went back to the ballpark to cheer on the Cardinals. They lost to the Pirates, 7-3.

Camden was a little worried with all the yelling and clapping.

View from our sets in the Redbird Club

Biggest Cardinals fans!

Outside the arch. We did not go up. Don't they all look completely thirlled?

Sunday we went to the City Museum. It was fun, but will be awesome in about 4 years. It was a little over our heads.  The entire nuseum is made up of "recycled" goods, it really was facsinating.

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