Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012!

What a wonderful weekend! We played, went to a picnic, and then Nashville and the Rainforest Cafe! Daddy was a real hero letting Mommy shop for an hour and a half all by herself. To the little guys who give me the most important job in the world- Thanks for letting me be your Mama!
Making some beautiful art work.
He LOVES watermelon,
Thank goodness for Nana and Poppa, otherwise Miles wouldn't have eaten as much. Put it on his plate, he doesn't want it; put it on your plate and "I luvs it!"
"Did you know I love watermelon?"
The boys really like BassPro shop. What a surprise... lots of things that have wheels and are loud and a lots of animals.
Then Rain Forest Cafe!
Mama and her little guys!
I was worried that they would be afraid of the Cafe, but overall they did really well. The scariest thing was a the bathroom!
"Next year, we'll drive Mama."

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