Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail! Even though we were fighting a cold, we had lots of fun on Easter. Egg hunts, chocolate, Nana and Poppa and the Easter bunny. The weather was a bit cooler, it made for the perfect spring day.
We colored eggs on  Thursday. I would like to say... what was I thinking?

All I kept saying was "no!no!no!" and "be gentle! be gentle!" Next year- more 3 year old friendly egg coloring.
But all 12 survived!
Look at all those eggs! Just for me?
Nana and Poppa helping out.
What's all the excitement about?
Miles would open every egg, if he couldn't get it open, he would just throw it back
Yes, chalk drawing was just that much fun.

Fun !
I thought it was really funny when I walked in and saw them putting together puzzles.
This is for you Grandpa Farnbach- my own car show!

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