Monday, January 9, 2012

What MyMy and GunGun are up to

Just thought I would take a minute or two to get you all up to date on what the boys can do.

First off, I know that they are almost 27 months, but here are there stats from their 24 month check up:
Camden: 24.4 # and 33 inches Although he is smaller, don't let him fool you. He out eats Miles and definitely will try many new things (black olives, feta, curry- you name it, he'll at least try it).
Miles 26.5 # and 33 inches
Camden (GunGun): Loves "Ta-ta" (Thomas the tank) and "Pe-pe" (Percy the mail engine). He also loves Elmo of course, but Thomas probably rules the roost. He still loves his "bar" (Bear) and even his "nu" at bedtime. He can run and is somewhat more brave than Miles. He climbs higher and goes farther. He is also the more gentle one. He will give his "bra-bra" most anything that he wants, but sometimes it does come with a fight. Miles had better watch out, one of these days Camden may not be as forgiving. He loves to snuggle in the morning and often stays in our bed longer than anyone else. He is somewhat of a clothes diva and you have to get his approval for the day's outfit. Sometimes it is best to bribe with a Thomas episode to get him dressed. And if you are in a hurry just put him in a Thomas shirt and forget it! He has a speedy way to count to 10 ("1, 2, 5, 9, 10!"). He can identify all his letters, many colors and any Thomas engine that you point out. He also loves the "moon" and the "er" (earth). Sometimes he is potty trained and sometimes he is not. He has gone 2 days without going in a diaper and then will use diapers for the next 3 days in a row (and then back to dry). He definitely has the bladder control, but not the ambition.

Miles (MyMy): Miles also loves Thomas, but will give Lightening McQueen and Mater a lot of attention too. (They both love the tractor tipping scene.) He is a talker! He usually tries new words first and sometimes surprises me with what he can say if he wants to ("open door" "ainbow" (rainbow) "right there, Daddy!") Although the boss at home, he is more bashful when we are out and more reserved when trying things. He is definitely more timid and explores from the safety of Mama and Daddy's arms. Miles likes the familiar. Like I have said, he is the boss at home, but more easy going about what outfit he will wear and what cup he will drink from. I feel very lucky that he will go along with most anything and has a easy nature about stuff like that.  He can count to 6 and can identify all the numbers up to 10. He also says, "A,B,C,D" and can identify all his letters. He loves the "moon" and the "er" (earth). Moving is his favorite past time and is usually the last to go to sleep and the first to get up. Miles has the ambition to please when it comes to potty training. He will go every time you ask him, but usually also has gone in his diaper. (How do I get them to tell me?)

They are both the sweetest most wonderful little guys- at least according to their Mama and Daddy!

This is a video of the "Butt Womp" packing materials have never brought so much joy!The Butt Womp

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