Sunday, December 4, 2011

More thanksgiving

Many times, I do not have my camera with me anymore, so my phone has become more useful as a camera. It has been a wonderful birthday present and we are getting a lot of use out of it. These pictures are an assortment of shots over the past month.

Miles and Camden were playing around outside one afternoon and Mama just happened to get a few shots.

Extreme closeup!

Yes I am still cute this close up.
We have a new bread store called "Great Harvest." Mama loves their stuff! We had a blueberry scone for snack (hence the stained teeth) and colored a picture for their wall.

Our first time traveling facing frontward.
On our way to Thanksgiving, we had a long stop for lunch at Columbus IN. We found a wonderful little "gem" called TheCommons. It was free to play on and had a lovely place to eat. I definitely wouldn't mind eating there again. Probably will be one of our traditional stopping points in the future.
Camden was very brave- climbing very high.

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