Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chaney's corn maze

What a weekend to welcome fall! We headed out to Chaney's corn maze (a local dairy farm) to enjoy the cooler weather and the changing of seasons.

We started out the morning with a hearty breakfast at our farmer's market. Such big boys- we don't need a highchair or anything.
Then out to see the cows...

A cow goes "moooo!"
Then into the corn maze...
We walked.

And walked...
And walked...
Finally a check point!
And then we walked and walked and walked some more. Overall, we got a bit tired about halfway through, but Mom says we were troopers (her and Dad were troopers too).
"Are we ever going to find the way out?!"
Another checkpoint! There were 4 in all and we got to all of them!
I am not sure that we will ever graduate to doing this at night, without a map. I would be in there forever.
"I love sandboxes!"
Cooperative construction.

We even brought a little of Chaney's home with us.

Mr. Strongman!

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