Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Party!!!

Hard to believe that a litle over a year ago- the boys looked like this: It was quiet and peaceful. Greg and I slept whenever we wanted to, for as long as we wanted to. Now we have two of the sweetest boys in the whole wide world who are turning one! It doesn't seem possible.

We went with a 'Toy Story theme.' Cupcakes as the aliens and Buzz and Woody standing by.

We had lots of friends over. It was a good experiment to see what our house would be like with 6 other kids around (the answer is crazy). We thank all of our friends for coming over and cutting their naps a little short to spend the afternoon with us!

We enjoyed all of our 'aunties,' 'uncles' and Nana and Poppa.

The house was just a party waiting to happen!

We had our first taste of Sloppy Joes and french fries.

"I reallly think that I should save room for cake."

"Thanks for hooking that on for me Nana. now I can drop it on the floor 100 times!"

"I think the girls will dig me in this hat."

"Hats again? MOM!"

I don't think they quite knew what to do with candles.

But they did know what to do with cake!

Let's skip the hands!

"I think I'll have just... one... more... bite."

On to presents!

I think this will be the exact same present when they turn 16.

"Oi. Traffic is terrible. I'll never make it home in time for Elmo's World."

"Left hand turn."

"Look Ma, no hands!"

Thanks to Nana and Poppa. I'm sure that 2 cars will prevent major meltdowns in the future.

Two B-E-A-UTIFUL quilts from Auntie Mary.

A nighttime stroll, er roll to the park!

Miles walks like crazy with his walker. He probably walks a good couple of miles everyday. I don't think it will be too much longer before he goes at it alone.

Thanks to encouragement from our friends the Borders, we are using cloth diapers now. It hasn't been so bad. Quite easy actually, until the washer broke on Friday.

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