Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have a tooth!

Miles has sprouted a tooth! Probably won't be visible in pictures for a while, but nonetheless, it is there. Both boys have moved onto more chunkier foods, so I am sure that Miles is looking forward to his first cheeseburger. WKU has an Ag farm, so we went out there for an afternoon last week.
This was a very cute calf. Camden wasn't too sure about putting his feet down, but both boys were very interested in the animals.
Nice horsey!

They are beginning to want to be out in the kitchen with Mom while she cooks. They love the wooden spoons!

Reading with Daddy.

Pool time! It's a bit cold Momma!

Cherry ?
Or grape? Miles does laps in the pool- it is quite funny.

This is our new wagon (thanks Gorseski's)! It's maiden voyage.

Cruzin' for ladies...

Although Camden does not crawl- he really gets around!

For you doubters out there- here he is crusing around the toybox.

Camden can hold his own- even with things twice his size.

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