Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will this pot ever boil?

Not much has been going on in baby land.
Greg and I have started back to work- only 4 more weeks to go for me! I has been tiring, but over all really not too bad. Did you know I work with the best nursing faculty around? They have been very supportive and I never knew so many people would be happy to see me. AND they have offered to tie me up to the ceiling by my heels if I go into labor early. What a group of ladies!
We did see the midwife yesterday and it looks like I may be in luck. Twin A (presumably Miles) has put his head down where it is supposed to be (my pelvis). So we may have a chance at a vaginal delivery. We have our next ultrasound September 20 and see the MD on the 25... THEN we get to talk about the birth plan. My plan- get them out, keep us all safe, seems simple enough right? I don't know if this means we will be waiting for labor, or inducing. I'm sure that will be part of the conversation.
Heart rates were strong and regular. Lots of kicking. I have about 7 pounds of baby in me right now. Reflecting that this could go up to 14-16 pounds, I have a feeling I am not to the really uncomfortable part of pregnancy yet. Sounds like fun. Regardless of all of this, I have been unofficially diagnosed with the clinical syndrome TOP- tired of pregnancy. It does seem like forever since I have not been nauseated, constipated, short of breath and able to see my feet. Fortunately the end is near- 5 weeks to go!



  2. Wait until you can't fit behind the wheel in your car - then you will be S.A.T.O.P. sick-and-tired-of-pregnancy

  3. Greg drives almost all the time- we car pool everywhere.